Founded in: 2012

AIBEST includes the biggest ITO and BPO companies in Bulgaria, representing close to 1/2 of the workforce in the industry. The biggest universities in the country are also part of the AIBEST community, as well as real estate companies, legal advisor and many more supporters to the ecosystem.

AIBEST groups companies from all spheres of the modern business services industry – companies offering services related to BPO, ITO, KPO, LPO, HRO and others.

AIBEST aims to drive knowledge, innovation, technology and professional ethics to further improve the business environment, and shape the future of knowledge-based economy.

Their objective is developing Bulgaria and the SEE region as leader for knowledge-intensive products, services, solutions, and globally recognized (world-attractive) destination for educated talent.

The SEE ITS SUMMIT is the largest networking event in the region. It aims to boost the development of the regional ecosystem and position the SEE as a leading modern business services destination on the world map. The SEE ITS awards honor the efforts of SEE sector companies, investors and local governments for leading best practice and business excellence and creating favorable business environment for the growth of the ITS ecosystem.

We are closely collaborating with the education system in Bulgaria and building on one of our key priorities – supporting the development of our talents to give them better opportunities to grow their career in Bulgaria. Master programs in outsourcing have been developed in the leading universities, as well as two national programs in middle school.

With the announcement of state of emergency in Bulgaria AIBEST companies committed to provide 15,000 man-hours for work on critical and key electronic systems of the state administration, as well as for ad-hoc development of applications needed during the state of emergency and during the recovery period. Together with our Member-companies we have created the state approved applications for tracking C-19.

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