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Responsible Automation Global Series

Automation is intrinsic to business transformation. Companies that shun automation do so at their peril, BUT there will be ramifications from its mass adoption and as an industry we need to actively take responsibility and plan for the very different workforce that will exist in 2030 before we’re too late.

According to a Forrester report published in February 2021, Automation will cause Australia’s job market to shrink 11% or by 1.5 million workers by 2030.

We are delighted to announce the next event in the Global Technology & Business Services Council (GT&BSC) Global Series, on the highly topical and somewhat emotive subject of responsible automation. Like the previous GT&BSC events, we have curated a line-up of the most influential speakers and experienced practitioners from all around the globe to share their knowledge with our large and growing community.

At this GT&BSC event we took a look at:

  • the reality of automation and what impact it is having on the global workforce
  • the many positives of automation in humanising work
  • the evolution of work and the new skills and jobs that will be created
  • what should the industry be doing to support the change
  • where does the responsibility for upskilling lie

and hear about very real transformations from business leaders.