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Resilience Trilogy

Resilience is the buzz-term of the day, but what does it really mean for the Global Technology & Business Services industry and profession? The Global Technology & Business Services Council unpacked that question and explored resilience opportunities and challenges across a trilogy of webinars.

PART 1: Outsource More to Build Resilience

It has long been recognised that the outsourcing industry booms at times of uncertainty and recession. Add to that the fact that the industry excelled throughout the pandemic and trust across global partnerships is at an all-time high, then it is no wonder that the industry is facing its biggest economic boom this Millennium.

As companies look to reduce their capital expenditure in favour of Opex, outsourcing will increase rapidly, but it won’t be in the model we have traditionally known.  In this webinar we will cover the latest trends in technology and business services outsourcing and revisit the fundamentals of best practice in how to do it well.

Chaired by Kerry Hallard, CEO at the Global Sourcing Assocation and Chair of the GT&BSC, speakers include: 

  • Steig Seaward, National Director of Research at Colliers 
  • Nitish Mittal, Partner Technology at Everest Group 
  • Mr. Plamen Dinchev, EU Finance and Accounting Center Lead at Labcorp 
  • Marek Grodzinski, Partner, Regional GBS Practice Leader at EY 

Watch the content here.

PART 2: More Globalisation

It was partnerships around the world that rallied during the crisis to not only keep the lights on for businesses, but the wheels well and truly turning. Business leaders recognise this, but they also realise they need to better blend their global delivery footprints to build resilience into their future operations. It is very evident that by improving the livelihood of wider population segments we drive economic development and global growth.

In this webinar we will take a look at the changing global delivery models and what different destinations are doing to ensure they are highly attractive yet resilient themselves.

Chaired by Kerry Hallard, CEO at the Global Sourcing Association and Chair of the GT&BSC, speakers include:

  • Mohan Naidu, Managing Director at FPT Software
  • Joseph Paperman, Head of Operations at Capital One, Philippines 
  • Plamen Dinchev, EU Finance and Accounting Center Lead of Labcorp
  • Konstantin Vasyuk, Executive Director at IT Ukraine Association 

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PART 3: Invest in Talent & Open Talent

People have long been hailed as a company’s greatest asset. In this era of the “Great Resignation” which has seen attrition at an all time high (Cognizant lost 93,000 people in 1 quarter) and salaries spiralling, investing in talent has never been more important and is pivotal to building a resilient business. This is a cultural imperative, and most be driven by the leaders at the very top of organisations.

In this webinar we will take a look at wellness in the workforce, the future of work and the infrastructures and technologies that improve retention. We will also look at how harnessing the global open talent economy will be essential to ensuring access to the right talent to deliver on business strategies – for both buyers and service providers alike.

Doing all this sustainable is of course key. To build a better future the focus needs to be on a sustainable, inclusive growth agenda rather than short term goals. We need to act now to make our planet and our economies more resilient and secure.

Chaired by Kerry Hallard, CEO at the Global Sourcing Association and Chair of the GT&BSC, speakers include:

  • Rich Wilson, CEO & Co-Founder at Gigged.AI
  • Stefan Bumov, Co-Founder at GigsRemote
  • Jack Madrid, President & CEO at IBPAP
  • Pam Sands, Vice President of Product Management and Partnerships at Kelly
  • Julie Clarke, VP Global Employee Experience – CPO Office at Sutherland

Watch the content here.

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