The Launch of the Council

Inspired by the phenomenal response across sourcing partnerships around the world when COVID-19 struck, an alliance was formed between 12 major associations for technology and business services around the world, to both applaud how the industry responded, and, with a firm commitment to collaborate to create a global vision for the future of the industry. The Council will look at how the services industry will challenge, collaborate and co-create to deliver exceptional innovations and phenomenal business value to buyers, providers and advisers alike all around the world.

Critical content will be delivered through a unique global conference Series, where the leading associations from around the world are pooling their insights, membership bases and contacts to provide delegates with a very rare yet very true view of the industry from a global perspective. This Series will champion imperative matters including impact sourcing, supplier diversity, inclusion and belonging, modern slavery and sustainability, with the intent to drive significant change. The intent of the Council is to make an impact, but more so to make a difference.

The Global Response to Covid-19

The technology and business services sector was integral to supporting businesses across the world as they addressed the challenges of adapting to changes caused by COVID-19,  demonstrating remarkable agility, commitment and resilience in responding to the crisis; ensuring business continuity for global clients and prioritizing safety of all employees. The sector was central to the rapid deployment of work from home models and digital transformations, providing critical support and “essential services” to various sectors including governments through highly skilled professionals around the world. This is all referenced in the report being published today entitled: “A unified global response for the technology and business services industry”.

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