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Global Technology & Business Services Launch


The Global Technology & Business Services Series marks the launch of a truly unique, global conference programme. The Series represents the world’s premier gathering of global technology and business services professionals. The Council’s inaugural conference, taking place on the 30th November and 1st December 2020, will be delivered as a virtual programme due to travel restrictions and limitations still in place in many countries across the world.  

The Series signifies a world first, as the industry comes together in a wholly global and collaborative manner for the first time ever. Inspired by the phenomenal response across sourcing partnerships around the world when COVID-19 struck, an alliance was formed between 12 major associations for technology and business services around the world, to both applaud how the industry responded, and, with a firm commitment to collaborate to create a global vision for the future of the industry. 

This Series is not a platform to learn about technology futures, nor is it a forum to discuss the future of business processes and customer experience – it’s much more than that. This Series will look at how the services industry will challenge, collaborate and co-create to deliver exceptional innovations and phenomenal business value to buyers and providers alike. We will delve into subjects from surviving then thriving through a global pandemic through industry best practice to pushing for essential business changes. Additionally, this Series will champion imperative matters including impact sourcing, supplier diversity, inclusion and belonging, modern slavery and sustainability, with the intent to drive significant change. The global nature of this Series makes making that change a very viable reality.

The Global Technology & Business Services Series provides a platform to promote, share and co-create thought leadership across the industry, globally for the first time ever. The leading associations around the world are pooling their insights, membership bases and contacts to collaborate on this world leading summit. Together we have and continue to curate the leading keynote speakers and advisors from around the world to provide delegates with a very rare yet very true view of the industry from a global perspective.

The critical intent of this Series is to provide organisations around the world – buyers, service providers and advisors – with firstly a vision for the future of the global technology and business services industry, focusing on the macro-economic perspective of our industry. All major themes and topics will then be debated and discussed as the Series unfolds over the coming months, leaving delegates feeling highly motivated and passionate about the opportunities ahead of them, yet armed with clear ideas on how to handle the numerous challenges they are and will no doubt face.

Fore more information about the Global Series including sponsorship opportunities, benefits of attending and what the series will cover, please click here.

Day One:

Day One Session One Webinar - Includes A Revised Vision – Recalibrating for Resiliency and The Analysts’/Advisors’ Panel View 

Day One Session TwoIncludes The Global Response to COVID-19 and The GT&BSC – Global Collaboration for a Better Future 

Day Two:

Day Two Session One Webinar - Includes Changing Operating Models and Footprints and a Panel Discussion of Enterprise Buyers 

Day Two Session Two - Includes The Service Providers’ Perspectives 

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