GSA-UK: Global Sourcing Association


Founded in: 1987 as The National Outsourcing Association (rebranded in 2016)

The GSA represents the interests of over 200 organisations, covering buyers, service providers and advisors.

The Global Sourcing Association (GSA) is the UK's only industry association and professional body dedicated to the strategic sourcing industry. 

We are focused on helping organisations achieve optimal business value through strategic sourcing, by aligning to best practice, upskilling sourcing professionals and disseminating trends and insights. We provide a program of community events and forums, as well as a range of bespoke training and development programs.

The GSA's best work includes that of the Global Strategic Sourcing Standard and the Entrepreneurs Club. The Global Strategic Sourcing Standard is a model of successful Sourcing which both buyers and service providers can be accredited to.

The Entrepreneurs Club is focused on start-ups and SMEs and offers them a clear route to find and engage with partners and enterprise buyers, in GSA's quest to grow the sourcing eco-system.

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