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Global Series

Who should attend?

The Series has been designed to enable delegates to listen to and learn from the most influential  industry professionals from across the globe.

Enterprise Buyers: This Series has been developed for business and team leaders who believe strategic sourcing, global partnering and collaborative innovations are central to the future of their business strategy. The Series is sector agnostic and wholly inclusive. If you actively partner or run shared service centres, this Series will have a whole lot of something vital for you.

Service Providers: This Series will deliver a clear indication of the future of the industry and enable providers to steer their development strategies and map out plans as Service Provider 2.0 really takes hold. Industry leaders will share their challenges and what’s keeping the c-suite up at night. Equally you will learn how enterprise buyers are reshaping their operations, businesses even, and be given the opportunity to understand their challenges, and how, as a collaborative partner you should respond.

Advisors: As professionals advising one or both sides of the sourcing equation this Series will provide you with a bird’s-eye view of the challenges being faced by enterprise clients and how they are changing their operating models to address them; with a view of both the reactive responses from service providers, but also their proactive visions for industry change, arming you with the very latest insights from the industry.

Emerging talent: Although the Series has been designed with industry leaders in mind, the GT&BSC is acutely aware that the biggest issue our industry faces is a lack of talent. As such, we will be running an Emergent Talent Forum stream as part of this Series, which breaks all the key subjects down in an easily digestible way that will give clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the industry, but also put fire into the bellies of those new to the industry by listening to those that lead its future. This is a not to be missed stream that is essential viewing for future team managers and industry leaders. Inspire your next!

What will the Series cover?

We have curated a Series that  brings together the industry’s luminaries from around the world to deliver an exclusively global view on the challenges and opportunities for our industry that will provide all delegates with a clear understanding of what they need to build into their own company roadmaps for the year / years ahead. We have designed this Series to make an impact, but more so to make a difference. This Series will not only guide you through the changes you know you need to make, but it will inspire you to do so much more – it will inspire you to transform, to innovate and to drive beneficial change in areas you did not know possible.

Topics for Conference Series

Technology – disruptor and enabler of business transformation and improvement

  • Collaborative models
  • Industry best practice
  • Reskilling and upskilling the global workforce
  • The rise and rise of gig
  • Impact sourcing
  • Supplier diversity

Benefits of attending

This truly unique event, brought to you by the world’s leading industry associations and bodies, will provide you with a clear and decisive vision for the future or our industry, clear of any pre-fixed agendas – purely independent, impartial opinion.

  • To be part of a truly unique, global conference series – a world first!
  • Hear the very latest views from the industry’s thought leaders
  • Gain a wholly global view of what’s happening in the industry
  • Learn from global captains of industry how they are pivoting their sourcing strategies for business advantage
  • An opportunity to share your insights to drive the change you would like to see across the industry
  • To “meet” and engage with industry peers to make new lifelong connections through our visual, interactive discussion groups

Can I speak here?

Due to the prominence of this Series, we are hand selecting all keynote speakers to ensure we are delivering the upmost quality content to our senior delegates attending. There are opportunities open to sponsors to speak in breakout streams and on panels.

Can I sponsor?

We are seeking sponsorship, not to commercialise this event, but to fund additional, superb keynote speakers. If you are interested in sponsorship in order to align your brand with global industry thought leadership and best practice, we have a number of packages available. Please view sponsorship pack.

Why should I speak?

  • To be part of a truly unique, global conference series – a world first!
  • The chance to be part of creating a global view for the sourcing industry moving forward
  • Global exposure for you and your company
  • An opportunity to share insights to drive change across the industry
  • To meet and engage with industry peers to make new lifelong connections
  • To demonstrate the best practice you personally and your company adheres to
  • Continue to promote your thinking post-event with our on-demand content

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