SA Global Business Services sector continues to buck the trend

16 Jul 2020 10:32 AM | Francesca Devonshire

The South African Global Business Services (GBS) sector continues to buck the trend; not only has it pioneered best practice in ‘keeping the lights on’, but it is a sector that has arguably thrived in a global economic lockdown. In South Africa, GBS extends across multiple sectors including finance and accounting, telecommunications and media, human resources and even legal services. As a result of innovative technology that is the backbone of the sector, operations were able to pivot to agile working arrangements including work from home, scaled down on-site operations and/or blended working models. This ability to maintain operations, keep workers employed and service a global market was strongly endorsed by Minister Patel of Trade, Industry and Competition as a blueprint for business in all stages of the highly regulated lockdown.

Read the full press release here.

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