Stefan Bumov

Co-founder and Board Member, AIBEST and COO, HeleCloud

Stefan Bumov is experienced enterprise strategist, change driver and entrepreneur. His experience in technology, business services and customer experience ranges across verticals, functions, and regions. He aligns business strategy with the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Stefan is Co-founder and Board Member of the Association for innovation, business excellence, services and technology (AIBEST), an independent industry organisation whose objective is developing Bulgaria as a leader for knowledge-intensive products, services, solutions, and globally recognised (world-attractive) destination for educated talent.s.

Stefan Bumov is Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at HeleCloud Limited, a London-headquartered AWS Technology Consulting and Managed Services company with wider presence across Europe. He has many years practical experience of consulting and sourcing.

Before co-founding HeleCloud, Stefan was CEO of Sofica Group, a leading sourcing provider in SEE and VP Operations and Member of the Board of Directors for TeleTech Holdings. He has led Sofica and its growth from 30 to over 1100 employees since 2007 and through the acquisition from TeleTech and the successful integration process.

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